Prizes for doctoral theses 2017

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Nottbeck
Examination on the impact of enhanced speed on existant railway tracks.
Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Stefanie Sieglinde Schmidtner
High Performing Students in Science: In-depth Analyses of PISA 2006 and PISA 2012
TUM School of Education

Dr.-Ing. Tsun-Ming Tseng
Design Automation for Continuous Flow Microfluidic Biochips.
TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. rer. nat. David Joseph Tan
Learn to Track: From Images to 3D Data.
Department of Informatics

Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Zimmer
Calculation and optimization of geometry and meshing behaviour of tooth shapes with arbitrary axis position
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. rer. nat. Sandra Marxen
Structure elucidation, quantification, and biosynthesis of cereulide and isocereulides, the emetic toxins of Bacillus cereus.
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan